Future Development

Science and engineering disciplines lay a sound foundation for the establishment of I-Shou University, and further provide a solid foundation for the College’s future development. With rapid advances in technology and social changes, the College should keep abreast of the times to fulfill its establishment objectives. Bearing in mind the goal of talent cultivation, the College formulates short-, medium-, and long-term plans based on the current and future needs of the nation, students’ career planning needs, the annual budget limit and expected college development. The following is a summary of future development in terms of teaching, research, and general affairs.

I. Teaching

  1. Recruit scholars and experts with Ph.D. degrees or with considerable academic and professional experience.
  2. Continue promoting integration and innovation of the current curriculum offered by departments and graduate institutes, and develop department-specific characteristics.
  3. Integrate teaching materials for basic professional courses commonly offered by departments and make the best of resources available in order to enhance students’ competence in basic knowledge and skills.
  4. Take department-specific characteristics into consideration to purchase and upgrade, step by step, teaching facilities in order to satisfy ever-changing teaching requirements.
  5. Proactively engage in industry-college collaboration and raise the quality of internship courses to give students a competitive edge in employability.
  6. Continue promoting IEET accreditation and fulfill the goal of talent cultivation.

II. Research

  1. Integrate research resources available within the College, establish an effective mechanism to share these resources, and boost the efficiency in using equipment and facilities.
  2. Build up research centers within the College.
  3. Join forces with industries to conduct research, encourage industry-college collaboration, and expand the scope of applications research.
  4. Organize international conferences and symposiums to help faculty members broaden their research scope and have more academic exchange opportunities.

III. General Affairs

  1. Endeavor to market departments and graduate programs to prospective students, raise the College’s profile in society, and attract brilliant students to the College.