Educational Objective

I-Shou University aspires to be an international comprehensive university that champions both teaching and research, and the College of Science and Engineering aims at nurturing students to become professionals in engineering and technology who are well-positioned to compete in the global workplace. The College’s educational objective is to nurture science & engineering talents equipped with professional knowledge, practical skills, professional ethics, concepts of sustainable development and global perspectives.

In practical terms, the College expects to train students to have an intimate knowledge of basic subjects, put into practice what they have learnt, and develop good learning habits. The College and its departments endeavor to help students acquire professional skills required to serve the future needs of the industry through an all-round education as well as a wide range of inter-college and inter-departmental programs, including environmental engineering, finance & information, railway transportation system & mechatronics, electronic packaging, green metal processing, and nanotechnology. It is earnestly hoped to train students to become competent in multiple tasks and give them a competitive edge in employability.

Core Competencies:

  1. Equip students with basic knowledge and theories
  2. Establish students’ practical experiences in the profession
  3. Help students develop global perspectives
  4. Equip students with the ability of logical reasoning
  5. Equip students with the ability of knowledge acquirement
  6. Nurture students with the ability of data analysis